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Recently Sourced Duplexes


Appraised end value: $1,100,000. Hunter Valley Region. Land, construction and development costs estimated $895,000. Uplift potential of $205,000. Appraised rental of $920 per week.



Appraised end value: $1,190,000. Shoalhaven Area NSW. Land, construction and development costs estimated $930,000. Uplift potential of $260,000. Appraised rental of $880 per week.


Appraised end value: $1,100,000. Lake Macquarie Area NSW. Land, construction and development costs: $917,990. Uplift potential of $182,000. Appraised rental of $960 per week.

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Creating uplift, yield and growth in property

Why wait for perfect market conditions when you can create uplift now? Take the guesswork out of investing in property and stack the odds in your favour. See which option below may best suit your needs!

Duplexes – Guaranteed Six-Figure Uplift
Duplex projects provide the highest short-term returns. It is true uplift can be generated in single dwellings or dual occupancy properties but constructing and developing 2 dwellings, on 2 separate titles, can increase the value of the property significantly. In just 12-15 months! Short-term profits and flexibility are highlights of developing duplexes. These are the options at your disposal at completion:

  • Hold both properties for ongoing positive cash flow, capital growth and tax benefits
  • Sell both at completion for an immediate profit 
  • Sell one keep one. For the best of both worlds and to reduce debt

Dual Occupancy – High Rental Yield

We research and locate areas with high demand and then add immense value by constructing a property suitable for multiple tenants. This is how high rental yields are made possible. Suitable for any investors with the following situations or goals:

  • Those with cash flow or tenancy concerns
  • For those closer to retirement
  • Or anyone who just wants more money in their pocket from the get go!

Single Dwelling – High-Performing House & Land Packages Our team conducts end-to-end research on 100s of areas to identify the best opportunities that target long-term growth and rental yields at prices as low as $400K. We also offer rental and building term guarantees. These options can result in:

  • High resale demand
  • Strong yield
  • Strong capital growth and some instant uplift potential

Our six-figure uplift and rental guarantees

We’re confident in our ability to locate duplex opportunities that generate massive uplift. So, we guarantee it!

  • Buying a $800K-$900K duplex? We guarantee a minimum $100K uplift
  • Buying a $900K+ duplex? We guarantee a minimum $150K uplift

See terms for more details.

If your property isn’t finished on time, you will get up to $75 per day compensation as per your build contract. Additionally, if you don’t get a tenant within 2 weeks of completion, we’ll cover your rental income for up to 4 months!
This Double Guarantee along with our research and support is how we mitigate your investment risk regardless of your situation or experience.
See terms for more details.

If we look through options but it seems like we’re not the best fit for what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll help find someone that might be a better fit.

How we create uplift

Uplift can be created in a number of ways. While duplexes are often most effective in creating maximum short-term uplift, it can still be done with single dwellings on a tighter budget. Here’s how:

  • Sometimes, starting small with a single dwelling or dual key can be the best way to get started and to build your equity, as well as your experience. It all depends on you and your goals!
  • Finding sites below market value (though this is difficult in a hot market)
  • Finding off market sites through our network to minimise competition
  • Buying in the right location at the right time of the cycle to experience short-term capital growth

For single dwellings, or dual key properties, it is possible to get $50k – $100k uplift and positive cash flow by completion. But it is more difficult to achieve. Duplexes can leverage these benefits and take short-term profits to the next level.

When you buy land, construct 2 dwellings and subdivide onto 2 separate titles, you have added value and created development profit. Essentially buying 2 properties at wholesale prices and ending up with retail values at completion. It is possible to achieve over $250k+ instant equity by completion. Plus potential growth!

Sometimes starting small, with a single dwelling or dual key, can be best to get you started and to build your equity and experience. It all depends on you and your goals!

Our Research Process

WolfeSmiths has a 2-pronged research approach. We lean heavily on data whilst also keeping an ear to the ground. Gaining a feel from local professionals such as agents, builders and developers. When you are assessing a project, WolfeSmiths can provide:

  • Analysis of the local market and demographics
  • Information about current and future infrastructure that may lead to increased demand
  • Multiple sales and rental appraisals to confidently assess uplift and cash flow
  • Research reports
  • Build plans, pricing and inclusions
  • Local agent perspectives and contact details

We’ve researched hundreds of areas, filtering the opportunities we feel provide the best investment prospects. Mitigating risks and maximising returns. 

Research driven

Full process management

Professional network

Fixed price, turn key

No out-of-pocket cost

Is this right for you?

WolfeSmiths specialise in research and process management to assist clients in purchasing high-quality investment properties with confidence.

  • We research all over Australia. Focusing mainly on the East Coast.
  • We have an extensive network of professional affiliates who can develop your strategy and support you through every step.
  • We work with reputable builders
  • Provide fixed price, turn key build contracts
  • All development and council costs included
  • Full end-to-end process management
  • No out-of-pocket cost to you, the investor – We get paid by the builders

Whether or not you should work with us depends on your ability to proceed with confidence, and your goals. 

Here are some of the common reasons people work with us:  

  • You want to fast track your investment portfolio
  • You want to pay off your mortgage quickly 
  • You want to get to a point where you can quit work to live off rental income or be a professional developer
  • You want to plan for a comfortable retirement 
  • OR, you’re not sure what you want but you want to get into an investment property that will help you achieve your goals ASAP

Because these properties can be rare, there are a few boxes you need to tick to ensure we’re a good fit.  Here’s your ideal scenario: 

  • You feel secure with your current income 
  • You have the ability to purchase over $400K for single dwellings or over $600k for dual occs and duplexes
  • You have an appetite for property investment
  • You want to expand your portfolio or start building it with confidence
  • You have the ability to purchase over $800k to qualify for our uplift guarantees

Does this sound like you?  


The L.O.O.T. Method (Life On Our Terms) for creating life on your terms!

96% of property investors face at least 1 of these challenges

Higher property prices mean higher mortgages. Most homeowners or investors lack a plan for clearing their debt.

With lending conditions tighter and property prices much higher, it’s no longer possible for the average investor to build a large portfolio without a cash flow strategy.

This is the biggie. Assuming you can get past challenge 1 and 2, how do you know how much income you will have (or savings to act as income) to get through your retirement years? And hopefully leave something for the kids?

The reason people invest is to build wealth and to create passive income so they may live life on their terms. But the old way doesn’t work anymore. You may have heard it before? Buy multiple properties, hold them for 20-30 years and sell enough to clear the debt and live off the remaining rental income and savings.

This takes a long time and many investors won’t have the borrowing capacity to purchase enough property. On top of that, you’re relying exclusively on capital growth.

Plus, who wants to work until 65-70 anymore? What is lacking for most property investors is a method to create enough wealth and passive income to quit the day job in 10-20 years. Most investors can buy a property, or 2. But how do you use your portfolio to live the life you want?

We’ve met many experienced property investors that don’t have an answer to this.

At WolfeSmiths we help investors to solve these challenges using our unique method. The LOOT Method – (Life On Our Terms)

So how does it work?

There are 2 strategies that make up the LOOT Method

Build a property portfolio


Develop property for larger profits and greater flexibility


Names: John and Lisa

Age: 38 and 35

Finances: Own their own home with a mortgage. Have $20k in savings and $120k of useable equity. Have a combined income of $180k

Children: 2

Goals: $100k passive income in 15 years, own 4 investment properties, have the flexibility to live life while investing but eventually give up their jobs and start their own small business. They also want a secure retirement by 55 and be able to help others. Travel and living life along the way is very important to them.

The LOOT Method Explained

John and Lisa buy 1 investment property in year 1. They are a little conservative but their budget also meant a high-growth single dwelling was best for them. A 4 bedroom family home that is cash flow positive (after tax). Over a 3-year period this property, and their own, have increased in value by around 15%. Rental income has increased by around 10% and they have also worked hard to reduce their home loan. They now have the equity and the confidence they need to get into something bigger.

Do properties really grow at that rate?

The capital gain over the past 25 years equates to an annual growth rate of 6.8% pa for houses and 5.9% pa for units according to CoreLogic.

At 6.8% for houses that equates to approximately 10.5 years to double in value. This is the Australia-wide average.

Will they always grow at that rate? Maybe not. Which is why we don’t rely on growth alone.

John and Lisa wish to get into something that will accelerate their portfolio. This is not necessarily for everyone. Conservative investors may wish to stop at 1 or 2 investment properties. And that is fine. It will just mean you push your goals out further by taking a more conservative approach. For John and Lisa, this step is critical. 93% of investors get stuck at 3 total properties because they do not earn enough to continue investing.

John and Lisa want $100k passive income and 4 investment properties to hold and to pass on to their kids.  This is where property development comes in. At the 3-year mark, John and Lisa purchase a duplex using equity from their portfolio. Lending was starting to get a little tight but the high yield expectation of the duplex helped them get the finance application over the line. They purchase a 2 x 4 bed, 2 bath duplex for $920k and at completion, it is valued at $1.15mil. Providing a healthy uplift in value of over $200k!

Their portfolio is now positively geared across the board and, to save on tax, they elect to hold this duplex for 5 years.

8 years in: Their portfolio is growing well, and the rental income has increased. They have been able to use the rental income, as well as earned income to pay down their own mortgage even further. At this point, John and Lisa decide to sell one side of their duplex and wipe out a significant chunk of debt.

They are now in a position to buy another duplex in a more affordable growth location (compared to the current values of their first duplex location). Another 2 x 4 bed, 2 bath duplex for $1mil. At completion it is valued at $1.25mil completing another profitable investment!

9 years in and they have achieved their goal of owning 4 investment properties! And they have done it without stretching their back pocket or pushing the envelope too much.

John and Lisa turn their attention to their passive income goal of $100k pa. Their suite of financial professionals assess their portfolio and assist in making some important decisions.

Though they have a lot of equity now, their borrowing capacity is maxed. So, they elect to hold their properties for a few more years to allow for more potential growth, reduce debt and get some rental increases.

12 years in and they review again. They realise that though they have a tonne of equity and over $100k in rental income, they still have mortgages and property holding costs. So they have not reached their passive income yet. They need to get rid of some debt. So they elect to sell another property in order to pay some down and free up their BC.

Since they now feel confident with developing duplexes they decide to start flipping. The plan is to develop a new duplex every 18-24 months and use the profits to clear big chunks of debt. Doing this, Lisa and John are able to quit their day jobs and their passive income continues to grow with each project.

Eventually, they clear enough debt to have their own home completely paid off, their portfolio producing more than $100k net income and they have the experience and equity to continue small projects when they see an opportunity too good to say no to. They even JV on bigger projects throughout “retirement” with other experienced developers to get genuine, passive income through development.

They achieve their passive income goal (and then some) and eventually hold the 4 investment properties they set out to. It took intentional effort and a lot of support. But they were able to get there without huge out-of-pocket expenses, they maintained their family lifestyle and they have a wonderful retirement to look forward to. All the while their properties continue to move with the market. They now have a significant nest egg and knowledge base to pass to their kids and grandkids.


But don’t just take it from us...

Really prompt and professional service. The team are really knowledgeable and good at breaking down complex financial terms so it’s easy to understand and make decisions about.

Trina Pohatu-McQueen

Was so scared to enter the market having no prior knowledge or understanding with the ins and outs of property investment but talking with nick setting up plans and timeline goals was amazing and makes the process and fear of it all so much easier

Beau Dinsdale

Nick has a wealth of knowledgeand eagerness to help tune up your financial situation. His work ethic and dedication to serving clients is inspirational.

Fernando Capati

After working with Nick for a few years it’s evident to me how exceptional his industry knowledge is and more importantly his willingness to put the customer’s needs first really stood out for me.
Highly recommend the Wolfesmith team!

Josh Paola

I enquired with WolfeSmiths about 3 months ago and have to say we’ve been really impressed so far. We weren’t very confident in finding a viable investment given all the uncertainty in the market. However, the duplex opportunity that was presented to us completely exceeded our expectations. The extensive due diligence that was carried out made it evident that a lot of time had been dedicated to helping us get the best deal possible and really put our minds at ease. Would definitely recommend!

Luke & Sarah

Luke Bourke

Nick was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the processes and important information needed. He went above and beyond for us and always took into account our needs and wants. We loved his enthusiasm and well informed assistance he offered. Thank you very much WolfeSmiths, we really appreciate all your tile and efforts! Can’t recommend them enough!!

Naomi Fili-Falo

The team have been amazing! They’ve been a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend Daniel and his team.

Ira Boots

Have dealt with Daniel and Nick on many business dealings over the last 5 years – clear, concise communication and very straight forward to deal with.
Highly recommend both these guys to deal with on all levels

Asset Plant

I have known Nick and his partner for over 7years now, originally through a mutual friend of ours. Since then I am hard pressed to think of a harder worker or a more real person that I know. Not only has he helped me with crucial business decisions but he’s also been there to have a laugh along the way, making processes that can be arduous and stressful, light fun and exciting. If you are on the edge of making a decision for your family, I wholeheartedly ask that you to let Nick and the team at Wolfesmiths to help you make that step.

Tyson Tuala

Caring For Our Community

WolfeSmiths is proud to partner with Children’s Ground. Committed to making real and lasting changes, Children’s Ground works with children in communities that are devastated by intergenerational poverty and inequity. Having developed an innovative, 25-year strategy, Children’s Ground is being recognised as the first of its kind in Australia. Their unique approach aims to tackle entrenched disadvantage through a long-term, holistic, and community-based approach that is supported by a robust global evidence base.

We are determined to contribute to their mission and have decided to donate $1000 for every investment made with us directly to their cause. You can make a difference by working with us without needing to donate from your own pocket.
If you want to learn more and potentially get involved, feel free to check their website out in the link below:


Book A Consultation

Your first step to finding a perfect fit property. We won’t share your details with any 3rd parties.

1) Client and service assessment

2) Duplex or house assessment

3) Purchase of investment

4) Ongoing professional support and reviews

    FAQ's - How it all works

    Uplift is the difference between what you pay for the property vs what it is worth at completion.

    Buying in the right location at the right time goes a long way to creating short-term growth but there is no doubt that constructing a duplex and subdividing onto separate titles creates a large chuck of the short-term gains. See section “How we create uplift” above for more information.

    WolfeSmiths specialise in research and process management to assist clients in purchasing high-quality investment properties. Targeting either instant uplift, capital growth potential, cash flow, or a balance of all 3. Our team then manages the entire process, leveraging external professionals where needed. From initial research, through construction, organising leasing or listing agents at completion and everything in between to ensure a smooth journey.

    WolfeSmiths will likely be a great fit for you if you lack in any of the below areas

    • Time
    • Development or research experience
    • An experienced team of professionals
    • Knowledge of how to create instant uplift

    WolfeSmiths guarantees uplift on duplex deals $800k and above. As far as we know, we are the only company to do this. See the “Guarantees” section and FAQ “How do WolfeSmiths get paid” for more info.

    There is no out-of-pocket cost to work with WolfeSmiths. We get paid referral fees from builders for bringing them business when you proceed with construction. We do not make commissions on the sale of any land or real estate.

    See diagram above in the booking section for more information on the process. However, we can guarantee that you will get transparency and a “no fluff” approach. If we can help, we’ll get to the point and provide you with all the info and support you require to assist with assessing any options you may be considering. If we do not feel we are a good fit, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. 

    Uplift guarantee

    For duplexes with a combined land and construction value of $900,000 and above; 

    We guarantee $150,000 uplift. If this is not achieved, WolfeSmiths must pay $10,000 by way of bank transfer or bank cheque to the client.

    For duplexes with a combined land and construction value of $800,000 and above; 

    We guarantee $100,000 uplift. If this is not achieved, WolfeSmiths must pay $10,000 by way of bank transfer or bank cheque to the client.

    Uplift definition:

    The difference between; 

    1. The contract prices together of the Building Contract and the land contract; 
    2. The Appraised Market Value at completion.

    Appraised Market Value is determined by taking the average of 3 local real estate agent’s Market Appraisals at completion. 

    Rental Guarantee

    If your property isn’t finished on time, you will receive up to $75 per day compensation*. AND, if you don’t get a tenant within 2 weeks of completion, we’ll cover your rental income for up to 4 months!

    *As per your build contract. The daily compensation amount for any building exceeding planned building time may vary builder-to-builder.