Caring for Our Community

We’re inspired by people who actually get things done and who shape society for the better. Our Co-Founder Nick, is of Maori descent (indigenous to New Zealand) and understands the challenges faced by indigenous communities trying to play catch up in a system that is still foreign to many. One of Nick’s highest goals is to inspire and help his own people to lift their ceilings on what is possible. But given we are fortunate enough to operate and earn a living in Australia we did not feel right about sending donations to NZ, and so we wanted to help those indigenous to Australia instead. That’s why WolfeSmiths is proud to partner with Children’s Ground.

We are partnered with Elevate Residential because helping homelessness aligns with our business model. By working with us, you’re helping us to support two very ambitious organisations that are tackling some of Australia’s biggest social problems and we will donate $1000 for every investment made by our clients.

Additionally, as housing demand increases, duplexes offer a fantastic opportunity to create homes for two families when subdividing a block of land that would have otherwise had just one house built. Though solving the housing shortage is not our core purpose, it is a beneficial side-effect of what we do and we are proud to help this situation, even in a small way.

Here’s a closer look at these two not-for-profits and why we’re right behind them, feel free to visit their websites to learn more.

Children’s Ground

Children’s Ground is a First Nations organisation delivering an evidenced-based approach, designed to achieve radical reform. Children’s Ground is committed to making real and lasting changes. Working with children in communities that are severely disadvantaged by intergenerational poverty and inequity, they have developed an innovative 25-year strategy to create meaningful change. Children’s Ground is recognised as the first of their kind in Australia.

Their unique approach tackles entrenched disadvantage through a long-term, holistic, and community-based approach that is supported by a robust global evidence base. This charity is uniquely positioned to impact learning, health, family wellbeing, economic development, community development, as well as creative and cultural development.

Elevate Residential

We believe that the shortage of safe, affordable housing is one of the most serious issues facing Australia today. If we can address this, then we can go a long way in tackling issues like child poverty, health and education inequalities and many other societal ills.

Let’s face it; real estate agents aren’t always renowned for their charitable side. However, there’s one Brisbane-based agency that bucks this trend; and when we saw their business model, we decided to give them our support. Every single dollar of profit made by Elevate Residential Real Estate goes to its parent company, BHC (Brisbane Housing Company). BHC’s sole purpose is to build and maintain quality affordable homes for people in need and to support people to maintain their tenancies.

BHC has already delivered 1,900 units of affordable accommodation across Brisbane, with plans in place to increase this to 3,500 homes by 2025. We love this ambition, which is why we’re proud to have Elevate as our sole provider of sales and property management services in Brisbane.

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