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Expected Uplift: $500K+


Seaspray (NSW)

Seaspray (NSW)

Expected Uplift: $800K+


Expected Uplift: $800K




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In a nutshell, ‘uplift’ is the difference between the cost of the properties themselves, vs what they are worth at completion, factoring the costs of the land, construction, and development costs. These costs include council contributions, tests and reports required from consultants, your custom design, town planning and our fee, which is worked into the deal (see ‘HOW DO WOLFESMITHS GET PAID’ below). Costs not factored include purchasing costs (such as stamp duty and legal fees), holding costs (interest and council rates), or selling costs, if selling (agent fees and relevant taxes). These costs need to be considered when determining net profit. This is something we can help you determine through our network of affiliates if desired but requires more information, particularly around funding.

Note: we do not factor projected capital growth in uplift estimates, this is seen as a bonus on top if achieved. Also, all end-value figures are determined by no less than three independent agent appraisals, with all agent details provided to clients for cross-referencing.

Buying in locations that support high-uplift opportunities, where land and construction values are more affordable compared to existing dwellings, goes a long way to creating short-term uplift. But there is no doubt that constructing a duplex or small development and subdividing into separate titles has generated the majority of the gains we’ve achieved for clients. See How We Generate Higher Uplift With Duplexes above for more information.
Our custom builds also allow us to work on infill, registered lots that eliminate waiting times for land to register, and private certifiers make the low-end estimate of 15 months to develop and construct possible. This process is not always feasible or favourable from a design perspective, hence the more common 24 month time frame estimate to develop through council. See Our Process page for a greater explanation here.

At WolfeSmiths, we have dedicated our business model, team and processes to targeting higher uplift from small developments, such as duplexes. We separate ourselves from the pack by specialising in custom builds, which bring many benefits (see ‘WHY CUSTOM BUILDS’ on Our Process page). Aside from this, we take a proactive approach to monitoring and improving processes, even those of our affiliates and builders, to refine the client experience and project delivery. We will likely be a great fit for you if you lack in any of the below areas

  • Time to locate, manage and deliver projects 
  • Development or research experience to be confident with council guidelines and the feasibility of your project
  • An experienced team of professionals to bring it all together
  • Knowledge of the rare locations that support uplift in projects from $1.5m

Similar to an architect or engineer, our fees are paid as we progress your project through the development process. We are not real estate agents and DO NOT take any commissions on the sale of land or real estate. Often, the cost of our fee is offset by the savings from the sharp m2 rate we receive from builders due to the volume of work we provide them. Rebates are also an option, speak to us to find out how this works. All our research and site spotting is conducted at our risk. There are of course many other costs required to get through council approval, such as your custom design, site surveys and reports, council contributions and more, but please note that these are factored into and included within all estimates provided.